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Brazilian walnut aka ipe flooring is actually, without a doubt, some of the best assets you may make to your property. Rather merely, ipe is getting globally recognition one of wise residents that recognize that when you prefer the best amazing wood, the selection is crystal clear. Brazilian walnut flooring (ipe flooring) is a fantastic choice for understanding home owners who comprehend that simply the most ideal will carry out.

What is Brazilian Walnut Flooring?

Brazilian Walnut Flooring definition

Brazilian walnut is the name given to a group of 7 plant varieties that are turned into flooring. All possess a rich, dark appearance similar to walnut trees that develop in the United States, and thus the title Brazilian walnut. Ipe is actually another popular name for these plants.

This exotic hardwood flooring integrates spectacular black tones along with tough-as-nails toughness. Brazilian walnut is more expensive than residential real wood flooring and also could be tough to mount. Premium great appeals come with an expense.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Overall

Brazilian Walnut Flooring spesification

This timber has been actually imported for years, as well as its recognition has risen significantly in the last years. It is thought about a superior real wood flooring as well as one of one of the most stunning available.


A timber’s firmness or density affects its durability as well as put on functionality. The Janka Scale determines the hardness or thickness of each lumber types. Brazilian walnut has a firmness of 3680, and also makes it the hardest wood available for flooring.

Compare these Janka Scale scores to the firmness of ipe: Afro-american walnut (1010 ), reddish maple (1290 ), Ash– used in baseball bats (1320 ), white oak (1360) and also difficult walnut (1450 ).


Ipe (rhymes along with is actually a richly dark lumber, like mahogany. Some is chocolate brownish, while various other selections feature yellowish and red tones. Brazilian walnut is commonly looked at some of the most beautiful amazing hard woods, and that represent the requirement.


Brazilian walnut (genus Tabebuia) is increased in Brazil and surrounding South American countries. It increases in jungles, and concerns regarding sustainable creation and harvesting have been actually addressed.

Unlawful collecting and also importing still develop, but you may steer clear of problems through selecting a product approved due to the Woodland Conservation Authorities (FSC), the Lacey Action or the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).


Soft boards are the most usual as well as very most economical. Handscraped ipe is actually readily available at a premium expense.


Ipe flooring begins at about 2 3/4 in distances and also can be as vast as 8 ins. Each container of flooring has panels of several sizes, usually from about 1 to 7 feets with around 3 feet. This makes it possible for the installer planks to ensure butt ends are actually spaced effectively about the boards beside it.

Sound as well as crafted

Like all real wood flooring, ipe is actually produced in both kinds. Engineered Brazilian walnut is actually chosen in shower rooms, washing locations and on cement because moisture-related development as well as tightening is actually much less likely to induce it to fracture or even distort.

Since the timber is likewise immune to dampness, strong hardwood may be an option even where floors receive moist.

Discuss this selection with your flooring store or installer to calculate the right product for your use. Sound Brazilian walnut flooring costs approximately twice as much, however since it could be refinished more times, possesses a lower life time price than engineered flooring.

End up options

Most Brazilian walnut is actually pre-finished with tarnish and/or only sealer along with an overcoat of tough light weight aluminum oxide that is incredibly insusceptible to damaging. A few dealers additionally use incomplete Brazilian walnut flooring.

The Janka Range determines the solidity or quality of each timber species. Brazilian walnut has a hardness of 3680, as well as that creates it the hardest lumber offered for flooring.

Brazilian walnut is largely thought about one of the most beautiful unique real woods, as well as that accounts for the need.

Ipe flooring starts at about 2 3/4 in sizes as well as can easily be as large as 8 ins. Each carton of flooring contains boards of a variety of lengths, usually coming from about 1 to 7 feet with an average of 3 feets.

Concerning Brazilian Walnut Trees

Brazilian Walnut flooring Tree

Brazilian walnut is not actually the name of a solitary species of plant, nor carry out these plants all develop in Brazil. There are 7 types that drop under the Handroanthus category, which are actually all provided the umbrella condition of “Brazilian walnut,” although they are frequently referred to as “ipe” or “lapacho”.

These plants increase throughout Central as well as South United States, partly of Mexico and on some isles in the Basin Coastline and also Caribbean Ocean.

Brazilian walnut plants are recognized for their uniquely heavy duty timber in addition to for generating gorgeous blooms that look like little bit of trumpets and be available in stunning shades of white colored, yellow, violet, red and also pink. The ipe is a nationwide plant or even bloom in many nations, featuring Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay as well as Venezuela.

While our team’re just going to go detailed with Brazilian Walnut Flooring, it’s important to know there is actually is actually greater than one kind of Walnut plant. You have actually possibly seen a lot of Walnut plants or even might even possess one in your backyard if you stay in the United States.

There are actually about 20 various types, yet just a few are utilized in flooring with American or even Domestic Walnut and Brazilian Walnut, otherwise known as IPE.

American Walnut vs Brazilian Walnut

American Walnut

Domestic or even Black Walnut from The United States is actually a popular sort of Walnut plant which suggests its lumber is actually fairly simple to get and commonly more budget-friendly than amazing designs.

The surface may vary in addition to the tones, but it’s not as heavy duty as other woods. It in fact places below Reddish Maple and at around Teak on the firmness scale at around 1,000.

Brazilian Walnut

Like numerous unusual type of wood, this kind of walnut tree is harder than Walnut plants coming from other component of the world. On the solidity range, it’s at 3,684 along with just a handful of lumbers placing greater.

It is actually more challenging than Ironwood and also helps make White Maple look thin with its own ranking of 1,300. This timber possesses a slightly darker, richer tone that is actually additional consistent, however still similar to domestic styles.

How Durable Is Actually Brazilian Walnut Flooring?

Brazilian Walnut Flooring hardness

Individuals enjoy Brazilian Walnut lumber’s thickness and appearing immunity to the forces of nature. It is actually so heavy that it does not drift in water, The lumber has a solidity that evaluates at the quite leading of the Janka rating scale, upwards of 3,500 (greater than 2.5 opportunities the solidity of Oak). It is just one of the absolute most durable flooring choices on call.

Additionally, the timber is actually therefore tough that you can easily leave it incomplete in outdoor settings like spas, decks, and outdoor patio furnishings. And, like a lot of lumbers, it will vanish to a brownish-grey color in these situations. Still, it has been understood to last for more than 25 years in this manner.

Likewise, Ipe presents a fundamental resistance to mold and mildew, decay, as well as pest harm. And also, get this– it measures along with steel as well as concrete involving fire resistance. There’s no surprise why it is renowned for boardwalks as well as other outdoor public areas along the East Coast.

It may stand up to decades of abuse coming from feet website traffic, ocean air, and also excessive weather condition. Ultimately, it is going to look rarely the worse for wear.

What do Brazilian Walnut Floors Appear Like?

Brazilian Walnut Flooring appearance

Effectively that’s a good question! Ipe differs from nearly any other varieties of real wood when it comes to colours. This timber has actually been actually claimed to have slabs from dim chocolate brown (nearly black) to reddish, green, violet as well as also yellowish and also naturally several shades of brown.

That is actually certainly not to state that all Brazilian Walnut floors feel like that, since like all sorts of timber flooring, the colour is very much delivered due to the location through which it was actually grown and additional factors that contribute to the woods genuine different colors after drying out the lumber as well as sawing.

The heartwood of Brazilian Walnut usually tends to vary in different colors coming from red brown to a type of yellow olive or even darker blackish brown. And also, the timber shows a penalty to channel appearance, with grain differing from direct to irregular or interlocked.

Brazilian Walnut flooring is a greasy timber with a moderate gloss. The integral oiliness, blended with the lumber’s thickness, create it complicated for a urethane coating to treat appropriately.

If you desire extra security or even a specific sheen, decide on a factory-finished Ipe over a site-applied coating. The types’ unusual hardness makes it difficult to collaborate with in any case.

Pros and Cons

Our company’ve cited some of the ipe conveniences and disadvantages, however listed below’s the whole story.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Pros

Brazilian Walnut Flooring pros

These pros reveal why Brazilian walnut flooring is a number of today’s most in-demand real wood flooring:

Superb durability

Brazilian walnut is actually a floor that will certainly last 100+ years. Portion of the Coney Island boardwalk was dealt with in Brazilian walnut for much more than thirty years. The component possesses two to three opportunities the hardness of residential wood flooring, and that means it won’t conveniently nick or even scratch.

It withstands rush hour, the claws of large pets, hard-playing kids with playthings and also the periodic fell pot or even mug.

Typically immune to dampness

There are actually less fret about water along with ipe than with residential real wood flooring. Since the timber is actually so heavy, moisture permeates gradually compared with softer timbers. The wood withstands moisture so well, Brazilian walnut is a prominent selection for outdoor decking.

The end result is that you can utilize sound Brazilian walnut in more locations and don’t need to become regarded regarding moist wiping it or sterilizing it along with a heavy steam wipe.

Amazing beauty

There is actually a wow-factor with Brazilian walnut flooring that is actually hard to stand up to. Oak, walnut, hickory as well as various other residential hardwoods are absolutely attractive hardwoods. When you like something out of the common, ipe is very desirable and unique.

Fire resistant

Yes, you have actually reviewed it straight– there is actually something as a fire resisting lumber. The fibers in this particular wood are actually therefore densely loaded that is actually has the exact same fire score as cement and steel. You would certainly need fairly a bog flame and also a great deal of opportunity just before you saw any kind of burns on Brazilian walnut.

Its own fibers are so heavy as well as largely stuffed that it’s the only wood that doesn’t float.

Pest resisting

As a lot of unusual woods perform, Brazilian walnut flooring has large quantities of organic oil. Possessing oily flooring may certainly not sound like that good of a tip, yet those oils really make the timber insusceptible to all kinds of bugs that hard woods are notoriously susceptible to.

Apart from being actually devoid of termites and various other insects, this makes Brazilian walnut great for folks having to deal with allergies– the oils instantly decimate spores as well as mites.

Radiant-heat forgiving

Perform you love hot floors? You won’t have the cracking or buckling concerns with Brazilian walnut that occur with other lumber flooring. Ipe is incredibly steady, therefore temperature improvements result in little bit of activity in the lumber, and the capacity for troubles is actually significantly decreased.

May be redecorated

The elegance is long-lasting as well as may be refreshed, if needed. Like the majority of hardwood, ipe can be refinished several opportunities– four or even more times for strong hard wood and also a minimum of twice for crafted flooring.

As a bonus offer, its own hardness suggests that refinishing is actually demanded in periods of 25-30 years as opposed to the 15-25 for many other hardwood floors.

Considering that the wood is so thick, humidity penetrates slowly contrasted along with softer timbers. The lumber stands up to wetness so effectively, Brazilian walnut flooring is a well-liked selection for outdoor patioing.

Maple, maple, hickory and also various other residential hard woods are undoubtedly appealing woods. You will not possess the breaking or even twisting complications along with Brazilian walnut that take place along with various other timber flooring. Ipe is really steady, therefore temp modifications trigger little bit of movement in the timber, and the capacity for issues is actually substantially minimized.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Cons

Brazilian Walnut Flooring cons

Listed below are a couple of disadvantages to take into consideration before making a decision that ipe is the ideal flooring for your house.

The shade could not fit tiny spaces

Some internal developers propose that dark flooring is limiting, also “oppressive” in small areas. They highly recommend that it be actually made use of in sizable, open places. Others disagree, because it comes down to personal inclination.

This flooring’s sinister shades might fit your objectives if you are actually attempting to generate a pleasant atmosphere in a den or even bed room.

Greater installment cost

The strong point of ipe is also a weak spot. If oak is actually wood, then this is actually super-hardwood. That means it is going to flex flooring nails unless gaps are actually bored that the nails could be mounted through.

That setup approach gets more time, and opportunity is amount of money for flooring service providers. Count on installment price quotes of $4-$ 6 per just foot just for labor.

Darker shows gunk

The disadvantage of Brazilian walnut flooring including a deep brownish base is actually that dirt, family pet hair and other fragments is a lot more visible than it would perform light flooring. You might feel persuaded to utilize your hard wood wipe a number of opportunities per week to keep your floors appearing clean.

Different colors variance

The timber of each tree varies from extremely sulky to tool nighttime, thus you can easily assume a variety of colours. Some look at the shade array portion of the wood’s interesting look. Others would favor shade congruity.

Phony Brazilian walnut

Ipe and Brazilian walnut flooring hang phrases typically misused through merchants shipping the wood as well as foreign buyers selling it to flooring merchants. The majority of hardwood is the actual bargain– the really tough hardwood we have actually been actually discussing.

The names at times use to an inexpensive, gentle lumber also referred to as Imbuia that expands throughout South United States. It looks similar to Brazilian walnut, as well as a result the potential for being ripped off.

Imbuia’s Janka Solidity rating is about 970. To steer clear of getting artificial ipe or Brazilian walnut, ask the dealer what is actually the Janka rating of the flooring you are actually considering. It isn’t real Brazilian walnut/ipe if it’s not 3000+.

Another choice is to observe our Vendor Reviews beneath to locate a producer or even merchant offering genuine, sturdy ipe/Brazilian walnut.

Higher product price than domestic hardwood

There’s even more on cost below, but the array for Brazilian walnut flooring is about $4.25 to $15.50 every square foot for the planks. Installment add-ons like the demanded subfloor, switch strips and also bolts cost an added $.75 to $1.75 per square foot.

Domestic hardwoods begin at closer to $1.75 per straight foot and hardly ever price greater than $7.00. Demand for Brazilian walnut, lesser source than domestics and transportation/import costs result in the higher price.

DIY Difficulties

Our experts advise specialist installment because Brazilian walnut flooring is tough to deal with because of its solidity. If you do the work your own self, you’ll require a carbide cutter on your saw, and you may need to replace it prior to you are actually performed. That resides in enhancement to pre-drilling fastener gaps– and also substituting a dulled rotary tool bit an opportunity or more.

Some internal developers recommend that dark flooring is constraining, also “suffocating” in small rooms. That means it is going to flex flooring nails unless openings are actually drilled that the nails can be actually set up via.

To stay away from getting man-made ipe or Brazilian walnut, ask the seller what is actually the Janka score of the flooring you are actually taking into consideration. If it is actually certainly not 3000+, it isn’t authentic Brazilian walnut/ipe.

Our team advise qualified installation considering that Brazilian walnut flooring is actually hard to function along with as a result of to its solidity.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Costs

Brazilian Walnut Flooring prices

Due to its own shortage, transit prices from South America and also the challenge involved in sufficing into slabs, Brazilian walnut is especially expensive reviewed to most residential wood flooring products.

Whereas cost-effective domestic real woods come in at $1.75 every unbiased foot as well as practically certainly never set you back more than $7 every unbiased feet, also cost-effective crafted Brazilian walnut floors begin at about $4.25 per unbiased feet, and a lot more costly solid hard wood flooring helped make coming from the ipe tree can set you back as much as $15.50 every just feet.

Additionally, given that installing Brazilian walnut flooring is actually time-consuming and also so difficult, the labor prices may include an added $4 to $6 every straight foot.

When set up, low-priced possibilities for Brazilian walnut, consisting of engineered hardwood floors, are going to wind up costing $6.50 to $9 every square foot. Particularly top quality, wide-width Brazilian walnut planks can be found in as higher as $11.75 to $18 every straight feet, consisting of installation.

This table shows all ipe flooring cost aspects and how they impact rate:

FactorLow Cost
$6.50 – $9.00/sq. ft.
Average Cost
$9.35 – $11.50/sq. ft.
High Cost
$11.75 – $18.00/sq. ft.
TypeEngineered or SolidSolidSolid
TextureSmoothSmooth or HandscrapedSmooth or Handscraped
Width2 3/4″ to 5″3 3/4″ to 6″5″ to 8″
InstallationDIY or ProProPro
Job ComplexityEasy to ModerateEasy to ModerateModerate to Difficult
Subfloor InstallationNoNo or YesNo or Yes
PrefinishedNo or YesYesYes

Based on Brands :

BrandsStyleCost / sq. ft.AvailabilityShades
Hursthard WoodsSolid$3.49 – $7.49Hursthard Woods1
JasperEngineered$3.59 – $4.89BuildDirect1
EasoonEngineered$3.49 – $4.69Fantastic-Floor1
BellawoodSolid & Engineered$3.99 – $8.99Lumber Liquidators4
Fantastic FlooringSolid$5.39 – $7.69Fantastic-Floor4

Brazilian Walnut Plank Size and Flooring Grades

Brazilian Walnut Flooring size

Brazilian walnut flooring is marketed in 4 different grades. The rates might vary based upon the details possibility you pick, but the most effective option essentially comes down to a matter of individual desire due to the fact that the largest distinction is actually the shade of the hardwood and also not the premium. The choices are actually:

Very clear grade

These slabs are made simply coming from the thick internal aspect of the plant known as the heartwood, which is additionally the hardest portion of the plant. This quality is hand-sorted for different colors consistency, and while it can be found in a handful of tones, the best preferred choice is actually one that looks similar to United States dark walnut.

Select and also better grade

There is even more color variety in this grade, and both the sapwood as well as the heartwood (situated between the heartwood and the bark of the tree) is actually used. While a lot of lumber coming from this quality are going to be brownish, some are going to possess diverse tones of environment-friendly, red or yellowish.

Rustic level

This level possesses much more impressive different colors variants than the choose as well as much better quality, as additional sapwood is going to be actually mixed in.


An additional title for the Brazilian walnut tree, this level is actually primarily sorted for its own distinctive greenish color.

Brazilian walnut flooring comes in distances of 2 3/4 to 8 ins large. Standard slabs are actually those up to 5 inches vast, while those wider than 5 ins are actually considered wide slabs. Planks can be found in differing durations, varying coming from 1 foot to 7 feet long, with the typical slab determining around 3 feet long.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Refinish Choices

Brazilian Walnut Flooring finish

Gloss or Satin

Lustrous very clear layers take away coming from the elegance of walnut, but if you intend, buff is actually likewise an alternative. Apply a singular layer of the very clear surface to the hardwood utilizing a smooth comb along with strokes match along with the grain.

When the preliminary layer is actually dry out, apply 2 or more additional layers making use of strokes lateral along with the grain. Two coats are often sufficient, but additional layers can easily be actually used if wanted for a deeper appearance.

Sand Gently

Considering that this is a refinishing task the area of the walnut has actually earlier been actually sanded, so be honorable to higher-grit sandpapers for the final preparation prior to completing.

Orbital sanders may leave tiny swirls in walnut, while belt sanders leave product lines, therefore sand the surface area of the walnut using a palm block along with 180-grit sand paper. It’s even more job, yet pays in the long run. Sand the timber smooth utilizing movements parallel with the grain. Brazilian walnut flooring is hard and also will certainly withstand the initiative therefore hold your horses.

If the give block begins to glide or perfect the timber, modify the newspaper. Brazilian walnut is also slightly oily, therefore wipe the surface area making use of a towel wetted along with acetone to clean off the shabby feel and remove deposits or dust.

The Stripper

Chemical pole dancers are caustic. Don rubber gloves, eye and also breathing security and set down a dropcloth prior to you begin. Use an even coat of chemical stripper to the timber with a comb.

Allow the pole dancer to gel the initial surface and also begin scraping the accomplish using a standard stick. Because they may scrape, do not use pointy devices. Scrape the finish off coming from the inside out. Usage honed stay with get in dilemmas as well as spaces. Fold a piece of sand paper in to a sharp advantage to receive gelled finish away from difficult situations.

To Tape or otherwise to Seal

Brazilian walnut is valued for its colour as well as texture and also does not demand tarnish. Oil-based stain is at times utilized as a sealant or to shade the walnut a little.

If you skip the tarnish, administer a coat of sealant to the walnut along with a soft comb. Sealer dries fast so job as necessary using strokes matching with the surface to deal with the wood just before it dries out.

Use a solitary coating of the very clear appearance to the wood using a smooth comb along with movements match with the surface.

When the preliminary coat is actually dry out, use 2 or even more additional layers using movements parallel along with the surface. Orbital sanders might leave behind small swirls in walnut, while waistband sanders leave lines, thus sand the surface of the walnut utilizing a palm block along with 180-grit sand paper. Brazilian walnut flooring is also a little oily, therefore clean the surface utilizing a towel moistened with acetone to wash off the shabby feel and also take out deposit or dust. Oil-based tarnish is actually at times used as a sealer or to shade the walnut somewhat.

Top Brazilian Walnut Flooring Brands Reviews

Brazilian Walnut Flooring review

These makers as well as merchants market qualified Brazilian walnut or ipe and also have a good stable of products. Listed below is a review of what they give.

Brazilian Direct

Recognize as Brazilian Real wood, this business has been making superior Brazilian walnut flooring because 2002.
In its early years, Brazilian Direct was actually named through a company contacted Jungle Alleviation as a company that exported uncertified lumber.

Because the list of knocked firms is still offered online and has not been actually updated to get rid of Brazilian Direct, we mention it.

Brazilian Straight currently produces Woodland Stewardship Council-certified flooring. Depending on to the provider, its factory in Brazil “utilizes Lasting Forestation Practices, that includes socially liable and ecological forestry”.

Brazilian Direct makes 3/4″ solid wood in 3 1/4″ as well as 5″ prefinished distances and half-done ipe in 3 1/4″. Price array is actually $4.50 to $7.00 every square feet.

Nature Flooring

Attributes Flooring is actually a renowned and also trusted wood flooring supplier as well as a best choice for middle-class buyers trying to find an unique flooring remedy.

Their pair of principal selections, the Americana and Planet of Woods, component classic wood floors including maple, hickory, mahogany as well as birch in numerous different colors as well as appearances. They’ve lately launched their brand new World of Exotics assortment, an exceptional range of amazing crafted hardwoods.

Their Brazilian walnut flooring is available in a handful of various appearances but only one shade, however even a meticulous customer will certainly disregard the absence of diversity because of its own bargain price.


This provider harvests and also plants Brazilian walnut in South United States and also offers it wholesale to huge retailers like Hoskings. IndusParquet is compliant along with FSC laws and the Lacey Action that imposes unlawful penalties for prohibited harvesting as well as sales of ipe.

Solid ipe is 3/4″ bulky and also offered in sizes of 3″, 5 1/2″ as well as 7 3/4″ with soft (regular) finish. Handscraped panels 5 1/2″ large are actually also readily available in strong flooring. Engineered ipe is actually sold in 3/8″ panels 3 1/4″ broad as well as 1/2″ boards 5″ broad.

Engineered Brazilian walnut begins at approximately $6.15 every square foot. Sound ipe flooring is actually $10.00 to $14.50 per straight feet. Those are actually retail prices coming from Hoskings as well as other retail stores of IndusParquet.

Robinson Lumber Company

The business possesses its personal mills in South The United States and bring ins Brazilian walnut and also various other unique hard woods in to the United States.
Ipe is created in 3/4″ solid lumber flooring. Completed and also half-done planks are actually on call in sizes coming from 2 3/4″ to 6″.

Costs isn’t offered coming from Robinson, since it is exclusively a wholesale dealership to huge flooring sellers.
Robinson is another company noted as not possessing correct accreditations, but the company asserts it has actually been accredited due to the Rainforest Conservation Council due to the fact that 2001.

Ipe Woods U.S.A.

This company gives Brazilian walnut flooring and outdooring patio materials. Four ipe flooring products are actually sold: 4″ and also 5″ panels in unfinished and also prefinished alternatives. This is strong hardwood– 3/4″ strong. Costs are actually reasonable, coming from $6.00 to $7.00 per square feet for the slabs.

Pennington Hardwoods

Standard and also handscraped ipe flooring in 3 1/4″ and also 5″ distances. It is solid timber flooring, so the density is actually 3/4″.

Compared to other vendors, costs vary coming from typical to high. They begin at approximately $5.50 every straight feet for engineered and also leading $14.00 for prefinished handscraped planks. Pennington is among minority vendors that supply handscraped Brazilian walnut flooring.

Requirement flooring along with an oil included that safeguards from UV damages is actually readily available also. It’s a really good selection for rooms where natural sunlight meets the flooring.

County Floors

County Floors is actually a big store of ipe, however carries out certainly not plant it. It is actually Brazilian walnut offerings feature sound real wood and crafted flooring with a leading coating of solid component that can be redecorated once or twice depending on the deepness of the surface scrapes.

Widths variety coming from 2 1/4″ to 5″, and also like all brands, County Floor ipe is actually sold in planks that average 3′ yet vary coming from 1′ to 7′. Area Floors becomes part of the NWFA as well as markets licensed products.

County Floors residential hard woods that are certified due to the Woodland Stewardship Authorities, yet no license is actually specified for Brazilian walnut.

Hurst Hardwoods

Hurst delivers some of the largest assortments of ipe in the US. Rates begin at approximately $4.00 every square foot for crafted, incomplete Brazilian walnut as well as rise to about $8.00 every square shoe.

Strong Brazilian walnut wood is actually offered in unfinished and prefinished versions. Each styles are actually available in 5 widths ranging coming from 2 1/4″ to 5″.

Engineered Brazilian walnut is additionally generated in prefinished and also unfinished designs. Prefinished material is actually 1/2″ thick with planks 5″ wide. Pair of tarnish colours are actually available.

Half-done engineered ipe flooring offers you a lot more possibilities. The 5/8″ boards are broken in 6 sizes from 3″ to 8″.
All items are actually licensed due to the National Wood Flooring Organization as sustainably made.

The Plank Company

With greater than twenty years of experience under its waistband, Pank has ended up being the leading manufacturer of high quality real wood flooring.

The provider specializes in producing wood flooring that may be set up over radiant heat systems. Each of their products go through rigorous safety and also premium examinations and also are rewarded PEFC and also FSC certificates before they are actually qualified offer for sale.

They additionally possess the largest sell of hard wood in the US, and also usually supply smaller sized suppliers. However, their choice of Brazilian walnut flooring is actually restricted to only one colour and pair of sizes. Slab’s products are of ultimate quality, however perhaps certainly not the most ideal option for a picky consumer.

Advantage Lumber

This business has its personal plants and also creating machines that transform biting Brazilian walnut in to consistent sizes as well as tight-fitting floor panels.

Benefit generates slabs coming from 2 3/4″ to 5″ in several qualities of incomplete and also finished planks. All are sound wood. Cost starts below $3.00 per square foot for sapwood grade as well as cheers around $8.00 for very clear grade.

Strong ipe flooring is actually $10.00 to $14.50 every straight foot. 4 ipe flooring items are actually offered: 4″ and 5″ panels in prefinished and unfinished alternatives. Standard and also handscraped ipe flooring in 3 1/4″ and 5″ widths. Pennington is actually one of the few dealers that use handscraped Brazilian walnut flooring.

Their choice of Brazilian walnut flooring is actually confined to merely one color and two lengths.


To date, Brazilian Walnut flooring stays one of the leading flooring species used in properties and outdoors. It is particularly well-suited to our environment listed below in Colorado.

Lots of people seem like flooring that will certainly withstand the worst you can throw at it (for many years to find) is worth the additional price. Once again, it may not be actually the correct option for you.

Are you still attempting to create a flooring decision? Let us help you select the right hard wood flooring for your residence as well as way of life.

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